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Name:Selina (OC)
Birthdate:Mar 12
Selina is the moon spirit. (Or rather, she is "the manifestation of the universal belief that the moon has a spirit.")

As the moon shifts phases, Selina has the ability to - at will - shift ages. At age 22, she's a bit wild, and rather girl crazy. At age 24, she ultra-feminist, and can't stand boys. (Which might have something to do with age 23, when she briefly rediscovered them.)

Age 20 was a little more normal, though 21 was a teeeensy bit alcohol happy.

Whether she was anything before she became the moon spirit... Selina can't remember; her ages act like filters, dramatically altering how she views the world, and whether they have a basis in some former life, she just can't say. It's something she tries not to think about, preferring to get lost in a world of fun without consequence. Granting wishes, casting spells, and stirring up trouble, she's the only one of her friends who hasn't quite calmed down.

She habitually hangs out with [info]Katai and [info]Risa; until recently, she was taking some downtime in the deathlands, having declared herself "Dead!" to anyone who cared.

Mun and muse are 18+. Younger version can be found at [info]itsybitsymoon

Mun is male if anyone cares.
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